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Welcome to Affiliate Institute

We understand that today's affiliate marketing professionals are busy managing multiple priorities. They do not have extra time to look all over the internet for the latest trends, how-to tutorials, etc. and that they aren't able to hang out on forums and read everyone's blogs to discover best practices. And they definitely don't have time to surf the internet to hunt down irrelevant resources. Our goal at Affiliate Institute is to provide the affiliate professional with a single location that provides all of the marketing solutions that you require.

Whether you are just being introduced to affiliate marketing or whether you're an old pro, Affiliate Institute has something for everyone. Our site is a rich resource for new ideas, techniques and methods of increasing your revenue. It serves as your one stop for links to relevant online resources, affiliate blogs, current links directories of the top affiliate networks as well as various individual affiliate programs.

We have compiled useful tutorials, sources of free e-zine articles, search engine optimization techniques, and the latest consumer trends so that you can fine tune your niche marketing methods. We have searched the internet for the best information on affiliate marketing so that you can spend your time making more money.

For the beginner, affiliate marketing programs are a wonderful opportunity for you to start a new business with real revenue potential. What you've read about affiliate marketing is not some pie in the sky unachievable money making method. It is real. Solid established businesses use affiliates to help them advertise and promote their products and services, and with each valid sale that you generate you are compensated with a percentage of the revenues. It is not back-breaking laborious work to be a successful affiliate, but it does require that you are diligent, organized, meticulous and dedicated to your business. If you possess these qualities then affiliate marketing is the perfect opportunity for you.

And for the seasoned affiliate marketing professional, we all know that this business is everchanging and it's important to stay on top of things. Programs change, some are dropped, announcements are made, companies go out of business, websites disappear, PPC rules change, etc. etc., and it's impossible to keep abreast of all the ongoing changes while keeping your nose to the grindstone. We regularly visit industry forums and news outlets to stay current on all the latest relevant events and we report them to you right here. We want to help you make your affiliate marketing business as lucrative as possible.